How to connect OnePlus Buds Z to laptop Leave a comment

To connect the OnePlus Buds Z to a laptop, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the laptop is Bluetooth-enabled.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your laptop.
  3. Put the OnePlus Buds Z into pairing mode by pressing and holding the button on the back of the case for about 5 seconds until the LED flashes red and white.
  4. On your laptop, go to the Bluetooth settings and search for available devices.
  5. Select the OnePlus Buds Z from the list of available devices and click “Pair.”
  6. If prompted, enter the PIN code for the OnePlus Buds Z. The default PIN code is 0000.
  7. Once the connection is established, the OnePlus Buds Z will appear as “Connected” in the Bluetooth settings on your laptop.

If you have any issues connecting the OnePlus Buds Z to your laptop, you may need to consult the user manual for your laptop or the OnePlus Buds Z for more detailed instructions.

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